Calista will introduce us to the Archeiai – the female Archangels who have been focusing their Love on our planet since 11/11/11. The Archeiai bring through evolutionary ways to connect us with Heaven while inspiring everyday miracles, overflowing health, and return to freedom, joy, bliss, and balance.

In this workshop you will:
*Discover who the Archeiai are and the messages they have for you.
*Attune to the energy of Archeia Faith, Virtue and Purity, divine complements to Archangel Michael, Raphael and Zadkiel, respectively.
*Learn advance cord cutting techniques to call back your Light from people, places, and all levels of being.
*Enjoy an immersive angelic journey to step fully into your Greatness and unleash your Light!


Calista is an award-winning author, pioneer of spiritual ascension and a magical leader who truly walks her talk. Growing up among fields and forests, her childhood was strongly influenced by her connection to the Elementals, Spirits of Nature, Devas, Fairies and Guardians of Mother Earth. As she grew older, her love of nature remained, but her belief in magic was lost. Calista studied medical biotechnology and pursued a scientific career in cancer research. But something was missing for her in the pharmaceutical world. So, over 15 years ago, she turned her back on science to devote herself fully to the deep spiritual awareness that had accompanied her since childhood. She studied Reiki, trained as a Kundalini yoga teacher, deepened her connection to angels and nature spirits, and dedicated her life to spiritual ascension.   

Today, her mission is to help others gracefully break through blockages and fears, allowing for profound change and a return to freedom. In doing so, Calista works primarily with the healing powers of the female archangels, the Archeiai.