Diana Cooper


Our planet and humanity are going through a massive transition now as we prepare for the new Golden Age. Lemuria was the Golden Age before Atlantis, when the beings were fifth dimensional, ethereal and a vast healing light force. Lemurians understood the wisdom of Oneness and merged with trees, animals and Earth itself. Aeons ago the Lemurians created pure healing crystals specifically in order to help and heal us during this period. As we move forward into the new Golden Age the love, healing power and wisdom of Lemuria is needed.

Join us to attune to the Lemurian energy for personal healing and to help the planet. We will experience oneness during powerful visualisations to send and receive Lemurian healing.

During this workshop you will:
*Learn about the wisdom of Lemuria
*Attune to Lemurian healing
*Open up to receive Lemurian healing
*Participate in a massive world healing
*Connect with the Great Crystal of Lemuria


Diana Cooper is affectionately referred to as the “Grande Dame of Angels”. No wonder as she has spread the messages of the angels throughout the world for decades through her books and seminars like hardly anyone else. 

Diana has been working with the angelic realms since her guardian angel appeared to her. Her mission is to connect people to angels, dragons, unicorns and Atlantis for personal and planetary ascension. She passes on her profound knowledge with mild humor and gentle imperturbability. It is largely due to her tireless efforts that we know so much about the celestial beings today.