Isabelle von Fallois

Isabelle von Fallois


As Albert Einstein put it so nicely there are two ways to live your life: Either you live as if nothing was a miracle, or you live as if everything was a miracle.

Those who have gone deep in investigating the angel realms know that miracles do occur naturally – on a small scale and on a large scale.
Yet during these really interesting times we live in it might be considered as too much of a burden to perceive these miracles because our attention is being caught by too many other things at the same time.

It is Isabelle’s heartfelt mission to connect people with this unfathomable belief in miracles. She’ll get us acquainted with what is called “The Alchemy of Miracles” which she got to know much closer a decade ago during a truly wonder-full journey that she undertook thanks to Goddess Brigit who works closely with archangel Michael.

In order to create miracles together with the angels and other light beings a couple ingredients are needed: a heightened consciousness, patience, trust in the flow of life, the ability to let go both of the past and of expectations and – love! For love is the true, the real frequency from which miracles do occur.

It goes without saying that Isabelle will also lead us into chanting some Kundalini mantras and take us on a journey when channeling one of her famous guided deep meditations.


After a near-death experience at the age of eight, Isabelle repeatedly had dreams and visions of the future. But it wasn’t until after a life-threatening leukemia that she began to study angels intensively. Within a short time, she received precise instructions from the archangels, who helped her recover and prepared her for her new life. 

Today she travels the world giving lectures and workshops. Full of enthusiasm, she brings people in contact with angels, other light beings and herself to help them walk the path of love and live a fulfilled life.