Jana Haas


The Cosmos is full of energies our planet taps into and that secure its life. Nature beings are frequencies which infuse matter with life. They can be subdivided into four categories – air-, water-, earth- and fire beings. In her talk Jana will introduce us to these nature beings which happen to appear as manyfold as nature itself. Their task is to bring light, life and a sense of heightening into the energies on earth. All of this also does serve us humans.

Nature beings themselves are interested in the vibration and the behaviors of humans. They are open for exchange with us and for cooperating on behalf of the earth. In order to create a relation to nature and its mind it is important to be benevolent and to have a good perceptive faculty. At all times there lived sensible people of a quiet mind on earth who were able to get in touch with nature beings. Those also might have been the origins of the old fairy tales.

It just happens so that the contact gets weaker during the fall and wintertime, because the nature beings also tend to rest quietly in the earth by then and do reorganize their energies within the depths of the earth. This is why communicating and meditating with nature beings is done so easily during spring and summer. During these periods nature beings do vibrate more strongly close to the earth’s surface and thanks to the sun’s powers are in full bloom.

Jana will be guiding us into a deep meditation. We will learn how to connect with nature beings and how to receive energies that enhance our health and how to support the universe and the earth by our conscious and peaceful behavior.


Jana Haas was born in Russia with a strongly developed clairvoyance. After a near-death experience at the age of six, the images and messages she received from the otherworld intensified. In the beginning she mainly saw deceased people and communicated with them, later angels, light beings and nature spirits joined her.   

Today Jana lives in Switzerland and perceives the spiritual worlds as well as the material environment. This gift enables her to understand the background of life on different levels. As a medium, it is her heart’s desire to make these spiritual connections clear to other people in order to strengthen their trust in themselves and in creation.