Stewart Pearce


Stewart will introduce us to the twelve mighty Angels of Atlantis. By nature of their presence these Angels bring thought and sound echoes from the distant times of Atlantis into our lives today, enabling us to evolve our relationship with Spirit as we engage in this extraordinary time of revolution – the era of Aquarius. Their teaching is the vibrational currency of unconditional love, for love is what we are here to feel, so the Angels are lovingly helping us to alter our binary perceptions, encouraging us to emerge into the field of miracle-mindedness, so that we may know our true Source Force and then communicate with other higher beings, purely in order to receive divine grace.

In this workshop you will:
*Feel the Angels much closer to you than ever before through powerful Sonic Meditations that Stewart will share with you!
*Observe how your intuition becomes the superhighway where the Angels roam!
*Experience amazing transformative prayers and contemplations where you will feel yourself in the paradise of Atlantis!
*Discover the spiritual keys of the Angels of Atlantis so that you may change any negative vibration into positive, allowing you to truly feel your Empathic status, full of the vibration of the stars!
*Experience an instantaneous karmic shift from the Angels and say goodbye to money, health or relationship challenges!
*Gain a massive energetic uplift to become a shooting star that magnetizes the creative abundance of the universe within you!
*Learn how to easily make every single moment of your life a shining miracle with the frequencies of the Angels of Atlantis!
*Find out what Atlantean portals have recently opened on the planet and what this will mean for you personally during 2021!


Stewart Pearce is an Angelic Emissary, Master of Voice, Spiritual Mentor and Radiance Coach who has published five bestselling books. From early life Stewart has been aware of the multidimensional universe, seeing Angels, Earth Elementals, Ghosts, Auras and experiencing psychic phenomena.

Throughout the 1980s he studied mysticism, attended workshops, met spiritual masters and committed himself to sacred pilgrimage, visiting sacred earth energy centers around the Globe. Then in August 1987 during the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ his spirit received a huge energy gift in meeting twelve beings of light on Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. This communion of bright Orbs refer to themselves as the Angels of Atlantis, and in Kabbalah they have been known throughout the sands of time as the Malachim, who are here to assist we humans with the major planetary changes of the Aquarian Era.

Stewart is a much sought after Spiritual Teacher with a strong presence created by his allegiance to the Angels of Atlantis, helping to guide people through embodiment of their soul’s intelligence full of love and joy, and he has pioneered sound as a healing modality for forty years.