15th international

Angel Congress


Would you like to deepen your connection with your angels?

Would you like to receive the messages of your angels more clearly?
Would you like to become part of a global community that gains healing perspectives on life?
Sharing insights, reflections and encounters? Would you like to hear the latest knowledge from the realm
of angels that will help you recognize your true purpose and live a more fulfilling life? 
We warmly welcome you to the 15th international Angel Congress. 
An invitation to heal and strengthen yourself. 

This year the Angel Congress will be a Live Stream experience accessible 
from the comforts of your own home. We will come to your home! 

Never done a live stream before?


Experience the most popular angel mediums, authors and ambassadors

What participants said about the live stream last year 

I was really skeptical since I’d never done a live stream before,
but it was a wonderful experience filled with miracles. 
Thank you!

– Helena Anita P

Thank you. It was wonderful and divine.
I am so deeply touched by the feeling within me
being validated. Wow!

– Claudia A.

What powerful magic! I could really
feel the frequencies through the laptop.

– Michael H.

I attended Angel Congress for the first time
and I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy!
To feel and experience this energy – extraordinary!

– Marion Z.

Thank you for this fulfilling weekend.
It was filled with abundance and inspiration.
I am already looking forward to re-watching the videos.

– Ulrike W.

Just wow! Angel Congress feels like a big family where everyone
is safe and protected and is supporting each other.

– Anja M.

Your registration


185,- €

One year access to the videos of all talks, ceremonies & workshops from the weekend


245,- €

One year access to the videos of all talks, ceremonies & workshops from the weekend 

+ one scholarship ticket for someone in the community whose financial situation is currently challenging.

It is very important to us to do everything we can to support everyone in the community who is currently struggling financially to be part of the Angel Congress live stream. Therefore we have a very large amount of scholarship tickets this year.  

Whether you are a student, a single mother or father, without a job or income, in the process of starting your own business or already retired – the scholarship tickets are for everyone whose financial situation is a bit challenging at the moment. 

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: If you want to support the community – The community live stream enables another person to experience the live stream who could not afford it otherwise. 


All speakers will either be speaking English or will be translated into English.

90 min

Kyle Gray

More info

60 min

Jana Haas

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75 min


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75 min

Radleigh Valentine

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45 min

Tim Whild

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90 min

Diana Cooper

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60 min

Stewart Pearce

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75 min

Isabelle von Fallois

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All speakers will either be speaking English or will be translated into English.

Live Stream

The live stream replay is like an angel congress happening in the comfort of your own home. As one attendee from last year aptly put it, “It’s like the speaker is talking only to me.” It’s like a video call where you get to listen to speakers, mediums and authors share their knowledge and wisdom with you. You can choose whether you want to hear the speakers in German or in English.   

You will experience meditations, visualizations, messages and prayers that will help you grow. You will listen to lectures filled with wisdom that will ignite inspiration and courage on your soul’s path. You will meet angels, unicorns, dragons and ascended masters. In ceremonies and rituals you will discover the powerful energies within you and how you can use them to find your true purpose. And you will receive new impulses to follow the call of your soul and thereby make the world a more beautiful place.  

We will all begin together on Saturday morning, tuning into the energy with a ritual followed by one talk at a time, so you will have the opportunity to experience each speaker live. Of course, there will also be enough of breaks. So you have time between each speaker to make a cup of tea or a snack, to let the experience resonate, to take notes or to go outside for a moment of fresh air.   

Since gathering and connecting with like-minded people is an essential part of the Angel Congress, there will be a special facebook group, just like last year, so you can share and connect before and during the congress.   

You will get access to the recording of the 15th  international Angel Congress for a whole year and you can re-watch the lectures, workshops, meditations and ceremonies anytime and as often as you like.  

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at any time. 

Phone:  +49 (0) 40-413297-15. Email: events@wrage.de 

Your Angel Congress

The 15th international Angel Congress will give you new impulses to follow the call of your soul and deepen your connection to the spiritual world. 

Meet the most important angel experts who will share their knowledge and wisdom with you

Release blockages and manifest your desires in healing ceremonies 

Experience meditations and visualizations that bring you closer to your true essence 

Experience radical changes within and create a present full of magic and miracles 

Deepen your connection to your guardian angel and the light beings 

Become part of the community, make friends and exchange ideas with like-minded people 

Learn practical tips and tools to better understand the messages of your angels 

Live a life filled with joy and abundance with your angels by your side 

Are you ready to live a life of abundance and joy?