Tim Whild


Tim will be guiding us through a deep and powerful visualisation on Sunday morning to connect to the new Seven Spiritual Suns, and integrate them into our twelve ascension chakras. You will also be connecting to the incredible Archangel Metatron who is overseeing our entire ascension process!

During the Winter Solstice of 2020 we came to the end of the first year of deep transformation on planet Earth. As well as the physical shifts we experienced a vast ‘switch’ in light sources coming from the Higher Realms.

Tim will introduce you to each of these powerful new ascension sources and assist you to ground and integrate them into your bodies and fields.
This meditation will keep you harmonised and glowing at all times even if your current circumstances are challenging you!


Tim Whild is an ascension worker, author and crystal expert from the United Kingdom. He was a High Priest in the eras of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, and is using his collective memories to bring through the spiritual gifts and information stored in those times.  

Tim’s journey started when he was very young as he was introduced to the frequencies of earth and the incredible level of his sensitivity. After navigating his teens he threw himself into cycle racing to manage this sensitivity before an accident changed his life and he began to seek answers from spiritual literature. In 2008 his life path changed again and the information and knowledge from his Atlantean lives began to return with the assistance of Diana Cooper and his many memories of this amazing era.